Chiropractic care has repeatedly been shown to be cost-effective in giving back pain relief. There are numerous studies detailing this benefit. This article will discuss cost analysis of chiropractic treatment for lower back pain relief and will introduce a recent research study confirming benefits gained. Many Americans suffer from lowRead More →

You may think a good looking person has nice curves; but this isn’t really what I’m referring to. All mammals have a similar spine actually. A neck, middle back, low back, and tailbone. For our purposes here, we are going to refer to the human body. Are you human? OkayRead More →

Many senior citizens suffer from lower back pain. At a time of their life when they could and should be enjoying themselves back conditions can be a source of ongoing pain and cause great limitations with ability for enjoyment. This article will discuss the most frequent cause of back discomfortRead More →

“If I do almost anything, I’m afraid my back will go out”. This is the statement I heard the first time I met with Michael. It is also a statement I’ve heard many times in my 34 years of chiropractic practice. Michael was a 30-year-old married patient with two youngRead More →

Long ago in 1972 I took a year out of my new plastering business to have some fun working for the then Berkshire County Council in a road gang with my older brother who promised good earnings in return for hard work and maximum bonuses. The call of the £££’sRead More →

If you want to choose a chiropractor, you can follow the steps given in this article. The experience of the professional is not the only factor that you may want to consider when making this selection. By following the tips given in this article, you can choose a chiropractor thatRead More →