Oral B Pro 3000 Review: A Good Electric Toothbrush?

Every Oral B Pro 3000 review praises this new electric toothbrush model for its versatility and performance. Here’s a quick overview of the most relevant points.

Gum infection or gingivitis and the build up of dental plaque go together. Oral health worsens when there is a gum infection. Sticky and thick dental plaque collects more often where an infection is established. Over time, this leads to damage to teeth causing them to fall out.

Periodontal disease affects the gums and jaw along with teeth. It gets worse whenever there is collection of dental plaque. Gums become painful when touched or brushed when there is gingivitis.

You can even differentiate the best Oral B toothbrush models by features like

  • a quad pacer with smart timer,
  • various power modes of operation,
  • the number and kind of brush heads that come included in the package, and
  • add-ons like a ultraviolet ray toothbrush sanitizer or charging station

Some models are optimized for carrying along on trips and travel. In fact, there are so many features to compare models upon that you’ll feel dizzy if you try to do it all by yourself!

Traveling case: The inclusion of a premium hard-shell travel case is a nice extra with this model. It protects your toothbrush and stores replacement brush heads while you travel. A built-in USB charging station is a nice addition.

A plastic travel case accompanies the Oral B Pro 3000 electric toothbrush and makes it a simple device to carry along on travels. The component parts of the toothbrush can be dismantled before storage. Within the travel case are mounting points to which the handle and replacement brush heads can be affixed.

The travel case is designed with the traveller’s convenience in mind. It allows easy storing and protects the toothbrush against accidental damage during transit.

Intensity setting: It is possible to manually adjust the speed and power with which the brush head moves for effective and comfortable cleaning.

Pressure sensor: A visual sensor helps prevent damage to sensitive gums and teeth from pressing too hard.

The Oral B Pro 3000 offers excellent battery power and longevity. Like any other Oral B toothbrush model, the lithium-ion cell can be recharged and retains charge for around an hour of operation.

This means if you are typical and comply with a dentist’s recommendation of brushing teeth for 3 minutes, twice every day, then on a full recharge you will be able to use the electric toothbrush for around two weeks. Even without access to reliable recharging facilities, this should suffice for all but very long travel schedules.

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