Keys To Increasing Muscle Mass

Some people are blessed with seemingly perfect genetics. They never exercise, eat junk food and still have an amazing six-pack, regardless of how much they sit on their butt. Then, there is the rest of the population; the people who actually have to work for it. Individuals that were not blessed with superior six-pack genetics, often wonder how to gain more muscle, and here is how it is done.


Those that have to work for their delicious abs know that abs start in the kitchen. Everything that is eaten determines the shape of one’s stomach, hence the term beer belly that was coined for people that drank an excessive amount of beer and wound up with a pot belly. This term is just one of many examples of how the food we eat and the things that we drink affect our body, and our weight.

To build muscle mass, eat plenty of foods that are rich in nutritional value, and protein. Foods like fish and chicken are typically rich in protein. Following a well thought out nutrition plan can easily help transform a flabby body into a rock hard piece of impressive muscle.


Individuals that scour the internet looking for the secrets behind building muscles run into this one word again and again, and that is because it is the truth. In order to carry out anything, one must be dedicated. Building muscle will not happen in one day, or even one week. Individuals whom are dedicated will stick to a workout and nutrition plan regardless of how long it takes, and they will see results. Those that have little or no dedication often give up easily, resulting in them never seeing results. Being dedicated and determination are two of the largest components required to build muscle and lose fat.

Train Properly

Training properly can make muscle grow faster. First, it is vital to understand that muscles do not have to be singled out to be trained. For example, bench presses are often used by people that would like to build up their chest muscles. When people use bench presses, and other work out equipment, more than just one muscle is being used. The arms and triceps are also used to bench press weights. Even the muscles in the wrists are used. Use more equipment that utilises a variety of muscles instead of singling out one muscle at a time to help build muscle.

Train Frequently

Training often is as important as training properly. For example, only working out once a week will not build muscle. Individuals that want to see their arms and legs grow bigger need to work out a few times a week, or every other day. This is where being dedicated comes in. One has to have the dedication required to stick to a work out plan and nutrition plan to see the results desired, it is that simple.

Do Not Over Train

There is a common myth that by injuring muscles, they grow. This could not be more false. Muscles do not have to be torn or exhausted to grow, and this can actually prevent growth. When injuries happen, that is less time that can be spent at the gym, and more time that is spent on the couch. As more time is spent recovering, more muscle mass deteriorates. Instead, do what is possible without overdoing things.

Following these key nutrition and workout tips while staying as dedicated as possible can get anyone well on the way to building muscle and losing more fat than ever before, regardless of whether they were blessed with those amazing six-pack genes or their grandma’s fat genes.

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