What Men Should Know About Taking Tongkat Ali Supplements

Supplements are intended to give you the additional vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you need daily that you may not getting from your food and other activities. These supplements can be synthetic or organic.

Organic supplements and/or the ones that have natural ingredients contain extracts from produce, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. For men, one of the most popular herbal supplements they are interested in today is Tongkat Ali supplements.

Tongkat Ali has been used in traditional herbal medicine for treating various maladies including ulcer, diarrhea, jaundice, and boils. At present, it is most widely known for its capability of enhancing the sexual appetite and stamina of men.

This herb has been proven to provide various benefits. Firstly, this herb has been proven effective in boosting male fertility. Different scientific studies have shown that this herb can significantly improve sperm quality and as such, has long-term benefits on male fertility.

Second, this specific type of herb is known as for its libido-boosting effects. According to studies, this herb can increase a man’s testosterone levels. Tongkat Ali can enhance the sexual appetite and stamina of men. For centuries, this herb has been used as an aphrodisiac and this is due to its capability of increasing testosterone levels in men.

Lastly, due to its testosterone-boosting effects, Tongkat Ali also affects the way your muscles grow. Testosterone promotes primary male characteristics, one of which is muscle growth. If your body has sufficient levels of testosterone, the hormones will help promote muscle mass development. According to studies, this herb mimics the benefits of anabolic steroids without its unhealthy side effects.

Health experts say that Tongkat Ali is considered safe when taken orally in recommended dosages for a period of up to nine months. Recommended intake of this type of supplement will vary depending on the man’s age, health, existing medical conditions, and purpose for use. For men who want to take this supplement for bodybuilding purposes, experts recommend taking 80 mg of Tongkat Ali twice daily with meals. The effects of taking in this supplement can be seen within one to three weeks of use.

If you are currently taking any prescription medications, specifically ones that interact with testosterone, it is highly likely that you would not be recommended to take this herbal supplement.

To make sure that Tongkat Ali supplements are safe for you and that you can experience the benefits they offer, get approval from your doctor first before taking this herbal supplement for bodybuilding or for any other reasons.

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